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Not all Rappers are Lyricists

HipHop and Rapping is not just about projecting yourself in certain stereotypical images such as rocking steel toes and snap-backs, speaking in ebonics, being all gangster or being political and rebellious. That is something almost anyone can do really. Any rapper or even artists from other genres can and do project those same elements in their musical content too.

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Lyrics: Microphone Savagery | Grey Jaw Ripper

I travel through shadows cause I live in the DARKNES
My scavenger pets will eat up ur CARCUS
My microphones a dagger, get hit wit the SHARPNESS
I generate anger from the pain that i HARNESS

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Lyrics: Dreams (ft. GuideRhymes) | Prophet Of Esoterical Metaphors

I wanna see my dreams breath, release the beast please
Spitting desecrated holy verses, I’m a beat priest
A calm fellow when i violently meet peace
My arms mellow, but when mad i make heat freeze

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Lyrics: Esoterical Warfare | Prophet Of Esoterical Metaphors

I’m a hungry beast with physical features that are custom made
I’ll “get you laid” out on the streets, “no second base”
not a second waste, pray to see that heaven stays
Took a million years to write then rap in seven days

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